How It Works

Getting Started Is Quick & Easy

Follow our simple four step process as outlined below and achieve greatness through our globally recognised certification process.

1. Select a Program

Select either a program (E.g. Autodesk Certified Associate) or an application (E.g. Photoshop) that is relevant to your studies, your employment, or the pathway that you would like to see yourself on!

2. Book your exam

Give yourself a deadline and contact Pacific Training Institute and schedule in your exam date and time. You can complete the exam from any location – there is no need for you to come to our office!

3. Start learning

Using the eBooks, videos, activities, exercises, labs and other learning materials that we can provide you can learn according to your own schedule.

4. Achieve Greatness!

Once you have completed all of your learning activities you are ready to pass your exam and achieve greatness!

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What does it cost?

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